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Development sprints and social events

Summary (all times are in Australian Central Curlyboi Standard Time):

Oh, and if you want to run a BoF of your own, let us know! Scroll down for more!

Development sprints

Sprints are where people get together to work on an open source project—normally around a table, but this year it'll be around a set of voice chats and webcams.

As well as the mentored sprints (below), keep an eye out in #sprints for opportunities to help each other out on projects.

Mentored sprints

Want to contribute code to an open source project, but don't know where to start? A mentored sprint could help! Pyconline will be hosting mentored sprints again, this time on Venueless through video and instant messaging breakout rooms.

While most sprints are focussed on adding features, fixing bugs, or improving documentation, mentored sprints are about helping YOU - and helping the community by supporting diverse beginners to get involved.

Bring some enthusiasm, a basic knowledge of git, and we'll help you through the rest. Some experience with Python and with GitHub is useful but optional.

Do you have a project you would like to host during these sprints? Contact


0900 ACST start 0930 ACST project presentations 1630 ACST closing presentations

To get started, enter the sprints-mentoring-coordination video channel in venueless.

Rube Codeberg competition

Post your Rube Codeberg submissions in the Rube Codeberg submissions room before , and use the Rube Codeberg discussions room for general discussion!

If you've ever wondered just how egregious your use of Python could be, or how unnecessarily elaborately you could engineer a simple piece of code, we want your entries in our Rube Codeberg competition! Named for the famously complicated machines drawn by American cartoonist Rube Goldberg, the Codeberg competition is a chance for you to showcase your creativity. Everyone is welcome to participate in the competition - or just tune in as the results are announced. You may find you learn a thing or two about how Python ticks along the way.

To prevent people preparing entries in advance, details about the competition will be announced in the conference closing ceremony, and the full set of rules will be posted here at the same time.

Entries to this competition will be open from the start of the Sunday sprints, and showcased and judged on Venueless from Sunday in the Curlyboi Theatre.


With the Rube Codeberg competition, we want you to be as elaborate as possible. But! There are rules!

Your Program must:

Only one entry per person/per group.

To enter: participants must commit their entry to Github (so we have timestamps) and flick us the link in the Venueless Rube Codeberg submissions channel.

The winner will get the grand prize of ultimate bragging rights, a fancy certificate you can proudly display in your office, and one of our exclusive PyCon AU 2020 Curlyboi coffee mugs!

Questions? head on over to the Rube Codeberg discussions channel.

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions

PyConline is first and foremost a community conference, and we encourage everyone to join us in numerous social activities throughout the day—quasi-unofficial mini events known as Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (or BoFs for short). If you have an idea for a BoF session you would like to run, contact the team at

Lightning Talks

11am-12:30pm ACST, organised by: Chris Neugebauer

Did you see something AMAZING at PyConline that you really want to tell your opinions about? Have a cool project that you want to share with the world? Can you rant for 5 minutes about the history of hardware shop consolidation (please don’t do this) in New South Wales in the 20th century? Then we have just the opportunity for you!

We’re hosting Lightning Talks on Sunday afternoon, where we’ll be hosting 5-minute talks (strictly timed) on whatever topics occur to the PyConline AU crowd over the weekend.

Lightning talks are fast, fun, and a great way to present your first conference talk, or to share something that’s too weird or small to fit into a full-length talk.

You can talk about any topic, but it should be reasonably interesting to the PyConline AU crowd, and MUST meet the standards set by the PyConline AU Code of Conduct.

To propose a lightning talk, and for more information, head over to the Lightning Talk Proposal Form

MarioKart 8 Deluxe tournament

1pm–2pm & 3:30pm–4pm ACST, organised by: Leigh Brenecki

Drop into the #mk8d channel, where we’ll be holding the following tournaments:

It’s worth keeping an eye on the channel throughout the day, as well—there’s likely to be other, ad-hoc tournaments set up throughout the day if there’s interest.

You’ll need a Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a Nintendo Switch Online membership to join in.


3pm ACST organised by: Rachel Bunder (@ADuckIsMyFiend)

Join along with, or just watch, members of the community as they create and decorate Python things. Could be art! Could be cake! Could be lego! It could be a massive laser installation that projects the curly boi sign! Let’s get together and make something with our hands.

Jackbox Games BoF

2pm ACST onwards organised by: Katie McLaughlin

Drop into the #jackbox channel. We'll play some Jackbox Games. Group sizes vary with games, but audiences can participate in most games.

Games will be family friendly versions of those offered in Jackbox Quintpack. You do not need those games to play, just a device with an internet connection.

Animal Crossing BoF

5pm ACST, organised by: Libby Berrie

Would you like to visit new islands abroad? Expand your list of ACNH-playing friends? Maybe just share stories about your experiences? The ACNH channel is here for you. You can create smaller, ad-hoc meetups throughout the day, or join us at 5PM for a more coordinated island-hopping tour as a relaxing way to cap-off the day.

To join in on the tour, you will need a nintendo switch, a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and a nintendo switch online membership.