Information for pre-recording your talk

Your options for pre-recording

If you want to pre-record, you have two options:

Either way, you need to let us know before 15 August through Pretalx. If you edit your accepted submission, you'll see a question you can use to indicate your preference. (This is not the same as the question that you were asked during the CFP process.)

With both options, we encourage you to invest time before your talk to ensure your recording setup is optimal (see below). Clear audio especially will ensure your video is as engaging as possible, holding people’s attention for the duration of the talk.

How much help will I get?

Our AV team and volunteers are able to provide tips and advice. However, in most cases we are unable to provide complex support, debug setups, or edit videos for you.

Some additional support is available for talks scheduled in the Curlyboi Theatre and the Science and Data track, however; the AV team will get in touch with you with more details.

Technical requirements

Preferred format

NOTE: If you have multiple presenters, please submit a single video - A/V team has limited capacity for custom edits, we're expecting an edited video ready to broadcast.