Security and Privacy 🔐

How (and why) to be safe on the Big, Scary Internet, and avoid being the next headline data breach.

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This track brings to PyConline a group of people who wouldn't otherwise show up at a programming event: security professionals.

In today’s world, digital security and personal privacy are two extremely crucial and valued aspects of our existence. The Security and Privacy track hopes to share knowledge about both of these concepts, both in sharing information about how to ensure security, and detailing ways we can protect our own privacy.

Talks in this track:
  • Technosolutionism and human rights by Lucie Krahulcova
  • Cracking open the COVIDSafe by Yaakov Smith
  • Biometric Unsecurity by Carina C. Zona
  • What We Do in the Shadows by Lilly Ryan
  • Deceptive Security using Python by Gajendra Deshpande
  • Hacking Playable Ads: What REALLY are they? by Evan Kohilas
  • All Hands on Deck – Handling Security Issues by Markus Holtermann