The art of categorical encoding for Tabular data problems

Sat September 05, 04:00 PM–04:25 PM • Back to program
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One of the most important but overlooked aspects of developing a Machine learning model is how the categorical variables have been encoded or represented to the underlying predictive algorithm.An expertise in ability to handle categorical variables can some times be more powerful than using the state of the art Machine learning models.We will learn some of the best methodologies in the Industry for handling categorical data and will also discuss some quick intuitions on when to try what.

When developing a predictive machine learning model for a tabular data problem, we are normally inundated with variety of predictive features to try out.The features are a blend of numerical and categorical features.When handling the categorical features normally an analysts defaults to the most convenient method or most documented method on the web or on stack-overflow forums.But this is where there is a high possibility of missing out on significant predictive gain by representing a feature to an algorithm in a format where it adds the most to overall predictive efficiency .

This talk aims to share a quick overview of categorical encoding techniques and some time-tested intuitions on when to use what.

Shubh Chatterjee He/Him

Shubh is a tenured data scientist/ Machine learning engineer who has supported data based product development and problem solving across geographies and domains.Away from work, he spends his time going on Long runs and reading a blend of fictional and non-fictional books.