DevOops: Learning from Failure 🔥

As their inaugural PyConline appearance. “Learn from our failures, or teach us about yours”.

This is the first year that the DevOops track has been hosted at PyCon AU, and it's all about learning from failure.

A lot of conference talks are about things going right, and not a lot are about when things went wrong, which is weird because things tend to go wrong a lot. We want to celebrate all the things we can learn from when things go wrong.

And even if this track fails terribly, we'll have even more to talk about next year.

With this track, failure is success!

Talks in this track:
  • Oops! I Became an Open Source Maintainer! 😱 by Mariatta
  • Piping Rain in Python - Adventures in a minute latency Radar Pipeline by Tishampati Dhar
  • Oh no! I think my project is outgrowing my Jupyter notebook. How do I survive? by Lydia Peabody
  • Can you keep a secret? by Aaron Bassett
  • A sack full of angry snakes: Taming your python dependencies with Nix by Thomas Woolford
  • What I now know about HAproxied Django DB connections, and wish I'd known sooner by Florian Haas
  • On a shoe-string and a t2.small: scaling on a [zero] budget. by Tom Eastman
  • Python for Accessibility by Rory Preddy
  • The worst outage I never caused by Julien Goodwin