The Art of Micropython- using Python to create award winning art

Sat September 05, 02:05 PM–02:30 PM • Back to program
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End time 14:30
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In late 2019, my city, City of Whittlesea, Victoria, sought works by local artists on the theme of "SOS Climate Change”.

My submission, "Natural Sequence or Fabricated" won the "People's Choice Award" and uses MicroPython-powered microcontrollers to create a dynamic sculpture on the theme.

This talk will take the attendees through solving the problems encountered in building the sculpture.

The artwork’s description is: “Using the Fibonacci sequence as the basis for the work, I create a dynamic image of the "whole"- an intact and technological world, transitioning through to what appears to be broken and in crisis. The four Fibonacci boards move in a cyclic and synchronous way from an "S" to the whole "O" back to the "S" enhanced with the use of colour LEDs progressing from red to green back to red palette expressing my narrative.”

This talk will focus on the MicroPython code that synchronises electro-mechanical aspects of the project and how I overcame the specific challenges of keeping a ‘hobby’ servo in sync with the LED light sequencing.

Peter van der Burg

Peter's career spans a few decades in telecommunications and local government as a technical specialist and then into management. Now contract IT Project Manager and freelance Python programmer in Melbourne.

Peter likes to tinker with electronics and interfacing microcontrollers with the real world (mainly MicroPython) and 'upcycle' obsolete computer hardware into both jewelry and art.