Tweaking the rise and fall of empires and economies

Fri September 04, 05:45 PM–06:10 PM • Back to program
Start time 17:45
End time 18:10
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There exists some beautiful mathematical models of economies and disease that offer insights, for instance, into how our economies can crash. Traditionally, exploring these models have involved a lot of specialist mathematical programming. Here we showcase a small python framework that simplifies the programming of these kinds of models by leveraging python libraries such as dash and scipy. The framework exposes a built-in UI that allows an interactive exploration of how economies might collapse, or diseases break out into epidemics.

This talk contains discussion of epidemiological modelling of COVID-19, and of measures of violence in a nation state.


  1. Show examples of beautiful numerical models that use differential equations
  2. Show how painful it is to build the models yourself
  3. Describe a python framework that simplifies this
  4. Demonstrate how the built-in interactive UI opens up exploration
Bosco Ho he/him

I am a data-engineer with a specialisation in data viz. I've worked as a computational biologist and love exploring the visual impact of powerful models that explain some aspect of our world. I know python, javascript and graphics.