A Reflection on Software Testing

Sat September 05, 01:00 PM–01:55 PM • Back to program
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End time 13:55
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Software testing can be difficult, complicated and frustrating. In this presentation I will talk about some of the reasons why, and more importantly what we might do to make it easier, simpler and perhaps even satisfying. This talk is for beginners and experienced developers.

This is an opinionated talk about issues I have observed during my career around software testing, including our conversations about it, but also the many materials produced describing how it should be done. One of my inspirations for this talk is the realisation that in some ways we have lost our way with testing, losing sight of some of the very early wisdom.

I will talk about some of those conversations we have, the language we use, but I will also present some advice, with concrete examples, of how we all might improve how we approach and implement testing.

Richard Jones he/him

Richard's been doing this software development thing for quite some time and maybe one day he might feel like he's got a real handle on it.