Decoding: programming beyond text files

Sat September 05, 04:00 PM–04:25 PM • Back to program
Start time 16:00
End time 16:25
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We're used to thinking of source code as text, and thinking of "coding" as manipulating source files with text editors, but there are other ways to think about programming.

What assumptions from 50 years ago are holding us back today?

We'll explore the history of typewriters and find homoiconicity where you might not be expecting it.

We'll talk about structured data and explore the early visions of hypertext.

We'll look at some specific examples of unusual programming environments and consider how a fresh look at these ideas can be applied to modern development.

And finally we'll consider what a difference this could make to the work of programming.

Nick Moore He/Him

Nick is a freelance software consultant from Melbourne, Australia.