At The Root : Wagtail + Gatsby + GitPod

Sat September 05, 10:25 AM–10:50 AM • Back to program
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Headless Wagtail + GatsbyJS Progressive Web App Generator - in the style of modern static site generations, pre-fetched to provide a speed and performance. Can I build something really cool, quickly? We have the power of two of the most popular frameworks, proven to scale with some of the largest software products in the world.

Exploring if a GatsbyJS progressive web app generator frontend with a headless Wagtail backend could be a solution for small-sized clients and personal projects when I want to "whip something up" quickly without sacrificing design, performance/hosting costs, user or site editor experience (Can I have it all)? Gatsby ( is a open source framework based on React. Wagtail ( is a Django CMS with LOTS of cool features for content creators, and "plays nicely with everything else in your tech stack" (source: Wagtail) because its built on and easily integrates with all uses of Python.

Why? Not only do I enjoy the new and shiny things as a consultant, both Wagtail and GatsbyJS are established frameworks and active communities that put considerable effort in providing a great product with a smooth developer experience. We enjoy the benefits of Django / Wagtail CMS, with a incredibly fast pre-fetched progressive web app with GatsbyJS. The goal is nice, fast and fun.

I am approaching this talk by walking through how I started out with minimal experience with GatsbyJS or GraphQL, and moderate experience with React and headless Wagtail to creating and deploying (Netlify) this app. I am not an expert in either technology, but was able to quickly navigate getting started as well as identify lots of resources in both communities to build out in a more complex experience.

Dawn she / her / hers

Dawn is a queer woman of color, former project manager turned JavaScript and Python software engineer, WagtailCMS core team member and proud member of the djangocon community. She lives in Philadelphia, USA with her dog, Thelonious, and spends her time consulting with the Two Rock Software team, with her company Rugby Street Designs, and jumping on tech for social good projects.