Extracting data from Excel with Python

Fri September 04, 01:20 PM–01:45 PM • Back to program
Start time 13:20
End time 13:45
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Examples in the talk will include data related to the titanic

Excel is used a lot in businesses and other spheres; however, sometimes data in Excel can be untidy and hard to extract data from. This talk will show you how to extract data from spreadsheets using Python.

How do you read data from Excel? How do you read data that has meaningful formats(rows or cells are colour coded)? Or pivot tables that need to be in tidy format? Or data with hierarchical formatting ? This talk will show how to use Pandas, Openpyxl, and some other make-life-easy tools to extract data from Excel into Python in a tidy form and proceed to the next phase of our data analysis.

samuel oranyeli

Love speed and anything that can speed up my data analysis and automation. Contributor to the Pyjanitor and Pydatatable libraries. Tennis lover. Wicked forehand. :)