What happens when you run manage.py test ?

Sat September 05, 04:35 PM–05:00 PM • Back to program
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End time 17:00
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You know what happens inside your test functions, but what machinery operates around that to put the dots (or E's and F's!) on your screen? This talk will open up the internals of Django's test framework and describe the various steps of the test process, and some examples of customzing it.

Testing frameworks do a lot of work for us, so much that they can even appear like magic. But if we go under the hood, we can find better ways of working with them. This talk looks at Django's testing framework and pytest together, so it can show the common features as well as the differences. The general test lifecycle will be examined, from start to finish. We'll then use this knowledge to write a couple of customizations.

Adam Johnson he/him

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