Wearing Your Python, and Making It Sing Too!

Sat September 05, 02:40 PM–02:55 PM • Back to program
Start time 14:40
End time 14:55
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Wearable technology isn't all fancy smart devices with AR and IoT, come learn how you can transform own garments into an eTextiles project with the Circuit Playground Express and Circuit Python.

The Circuit Playground Express (cpx) is a palm-sized programmable electronics board packed full of sensors and 10 Neopixel LEDs. It also has a speaker and 7 capacitative touch pads making it perfect for sewing onto fabrics. .

In this talk, I will be giving an overview of everything you need to know to get started on your own eTextiles project by taking you through one of my own projects: making a singing curlyboi tote bag.

Rowena Stewart She/Her

I am a technology tinkerer who loves things with flashy lights and/or makes sounds. Lifelong Kintergartener.