How learning python helped me teach C in tertiary education

Fri September 04, 10:25 AM–10:50 AM • Back to program
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Before I went to uni - I had around 8 years of python experience, and so I thought learning C would be trivial, and was excited to move on from C back to python. However, it was much more difficult than I expected! There were areas in C that were super easy to grasp thanks to my python experience, but there were areas that were harder to grasp as a result of of my python experience...

Now I'm a tutor for the university teaching C! I now ask the question - is teaching C better than teaching Python for formal CS education?

This talk is simply one about my experience of learning C from a python background - what python features helped me understand C better (control flow, algorithm and problem breakdown design, functions, etc) - what C features helped me understand python better (ie pointers in C helped me understand python lists, etc) - how I use my python knowledge to teach C at University

Shrey Somaiya He/Him
  • COMP1511 Tutor @ UNSW
  • Computer Science Student @ UNSW
  • Love to volunteer - currently actively involved in 3 running societies @ UNSW