Our call for proposals for the main program and for PyCon Fair will come later in the year. Right now, though, you can apply to run a PyCon specialist track!

Specialist track call for proposals

PyCon AU 2020 will run in Adelaide from 7 to 11 August and we’re looking for expressions of interest from people willing to run specialist tracks!

Specialist tracks are the four tracks that run on the Friday of PyCon AU, centred around a central theme, and with a schedule selected by independent organisers.

Last year we had tracks on Security & Privacy, Science & Data, Django, and Education. Our specialist track organisers did an amazing job, but we want to provide our attendees with the most awesome experience possible, and we believe that means opening the doors to potential new ideas.

We want to hear from our previous specialist track organisers and others with experience, as well as people keen to get started in conference organising, and we’d love to see submissions from tracks we’ve had in the past as well as all kinds of new suggestions for tracks we could feature.

What to expect when you’re expect(ed to run a specialist track)

PyCon AU runs an integrated call for proposals, where speakers can submit to the main conference and to your track through the same process.

You’ll promote the CFP, and help us make sure that the CFP makes its way in front of as many of the people you want to have on stage as possible.

Once the CFP closes, you’ll participate in the CFP review process, where you’ll need to review all talks submitted to your track, and may (but don’t need to) review talks submitted to the main conference and other tracks too.

You’ll then select your program, in consultation with the core team and other track organisers. Talks can be moved between the tracks (and the main conference) as needed, after discussion with the presenter, core team and affected track organisers.

On the day you’ll be the face of your specialist track, presenting your opening and closing remarks, introducing speakers, and moderating questions, all with the support of the conference and AV volunteers.

All of the other infrastructure (venue, catering, ticketing, marketing, scheduling, sponsorship, AV, volunteers, and all those other fun things) are handled by the PyCon AU core team. Because of this, you’ll be working closely with us, so we can make sure that all of the bits and pieces necessary to make your plans reality get put in place. (Sadly, this sometimes means we have to say “no”, but hopefully not too often!)

If you’ve got an idea that doesn’t follow the “standard” track-of-talks format, please let us know! We’d love to try new and interesting ideas, but as above, we’ll need to work together to make sure they’re doable and that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

How to apply

To propose a track, please email us at before 24 February 2020, anywhere on earth, and provide us the following information:

We’ll acknowledge your proposal as soon as possible once we receive it. We’ll be in touch if we have any further questions or need any clarification.

(Anywhere on earth means that this CFP is still open while the current date is 24 February 2020 in any time zone.)