Specialist Tracks + Call for Proposals

Published 17 June, 2020

Starting today, PyConline AU’s 2020 call for proposals (CFP) will be open for submissions running all month until 12 July, anywhere on earth (UTC+12). Alongside this announcement, we’re also officially publishing our specialist tracks.

Specialist tracks

Historically at PyCon AU, we dedicate a day to our specialist tracks, and PyConline AU will be similar again this year. These are focused, themed “mini-conferences” that are curated by members of the community. We’re excited to share that after receiving several proposals for specialist tracks, this year we will have five fantastic tracks:

You can learn more about the specialist tracks and their topics on our updated program page at https://2020.pycon.org.au/program.

Call for proposals (CFP)

Today we are also opening our CFP! Submissions to speak at PyConline AU 2020 will be accepted from now until 12 July, anywhere on earth (UTC+12). For those of you in Adelaide, Australia that is 9:30pm the day after.

We welcome submissions from everybody, including those:

If you’ve never presented at a conference before and you think you might like to try it, we want to hear from you! PyConline AU actively welcomes and encourages new speakers to the conference. As with prior years, we will have speaking mentors on hand to work with you to develop your proposal and talk content so that you can give the best talk possible.

Our CFP process also encompasses submissions to the five specialist tracks (announced above). You can submit your talk to the main conference and the specialist tracks with one click.

Submit to speak at PyConline today.

Please follow https://2020.pycon.org.au/speak. for more details on how to submit a proposal for PyConline AU 2020.

Please also help us spread the word about our CFP by sharing a link to this page with the hashtag #PyConlineAU.

To discuss this announcement and the CFP in more detail, please join us this evening at 7:30pm ACST 17 June 2020 on the PyCon AU YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/pyconau (or view the embedded video above).

Stay safe,
Benno Rice
Program Chair
PyConline AU 2020